Subsite Manager: Approving Web Pages

As a Subsite Manager, how do I approve web pages?

Please note: Subsite Managers will be notified by email that a web page is awaiting their approval. It is the responsibility of the Subsite Manager to ensure that your web pages are all valid and current.

  1. In your Microsoft Outlook - Inbox, open the workflow email with the subject Workflow Approval Required [UWS-Web]
  2. In the email, select Workflow Screen
  3. The Simple Edit Interface for that web page will open in a new window
  4. To preview the changes that have been made, select Preview changes. The Preview screen will open in a new window. Please note: All new additions to the page are highlighted in green, while all deletions are highlighted in red.
  5. Once you have checked the validity and currency of the changes, return to the Status and Workflow tab of the Simple Edit Interface
  6. In the Workflow Page Status drop down menu, select Approval. Please note: If you select Reject Changes, the web page will return to the Content Author but no changes will be erased.    
  7. Enter your approval message in the Workflow Message field e.g. Changes approved
  8. Select Save Workflow Changes. This web page will now be sent to your assigned Web Coordinator for their approval.
  9. Select Release Lock(s)