Associate Professor Brian Stout


Dr Brian Stout joined the University of Western Sydney in April 2012, as Associate Professor of Social Work. Previously he was Associate Head of the School of Applied Social Sciences, De Montfort University, in Leicester, UK, where he worked for 9 years, primarily in Community and Criminal Justice. Dr Stout’s practice background is as a probation officer, in Northern Ireland, and has been involved in developing and delivering training and education for probation officers and other criminal justice professionals both in the UK and in South Africa. Most recently, he has been involved in a number of European criminal justice social work projects, Dr Stout has also contributed, as an international expert, to probation and prison training in Georgia and Chechnya.

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Areas of Research / Teaching Expertise

Criminal Justice Social Work; probation; correctional practice; youth justice

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Grants / Current Projects

Evaluation of the Child Sex Offender Review Public Disclosure Pilots funded by the Home Office, UK (2009 - 2010)

Implementation of Sentence Transfer in European Probation (ISTEP) funded by the EU, through NOMS, UK (2011 - 2013)

Forensic Social Work Education in European Partners (4SWEEP)funded by Erasmus (2011 - 2014)

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Stout, B. (2011) ‘Professional Ethics and Academic Integrity’, Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice 5(4): 300–309.

Stout, B. and Durnescu, I. (2011) ‘A European Approach to Probation Training: An Investigation into the Competencies Required’ Probation Journal 58: 395–405.

Stout, B., Kemshall, K. and Wood, J. (2011) 'Building stakeholder support for a sex offender public disclosure scheme: learning from the English pilots' Howard Journal 50(4): 406-418

Stout, B. and Canton, R. (2010) ‘'Towards a European Approach to Probation Education and Training’, British Journal of Community Justice 8(2).

Knight, C. and Stout, B. (2009) ‘Probation and Offender Manager Training: An Argument for an Integrated Approach’, Probation Journal 56: 269-283

Stout, B. (2008) ‘Children’s Rights, Restorative Justice and South African Youth Justice Law Reform’, BSU/ IUC Journal of Social Work Theory and Practice

Stout, B. (2006) ‘Is Diversion the Appropriate Emphasis for South African Child Justice?’, Youth Justice, 6(2): 129–142.

Book Chapters

Stout, B. (2009) ‘Residential Care in South Africa: Changing the perspective from social welfare to social development’ in Iwaniec, D. and Courtney, M. (eds) Residential Child Care, Past, Present, Future: International Perspectives. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Stout, B. and Goodman, H. (2008) ‘Restorative Justice: Theory, Policy and Practice’ in Stout, B., Yates, J. and Williams, B. (eds.) Applied Criminology. London: Sage Publications.

Stout, B. and Wood, C. (2004) ‘Child Justice and Diversion: Will Children’s Rights outlast the Transition?’ in Dixon, B. and Van der Spuy, E. (eds.) Justice Gained? Crime and Crime Control in South Africa’s Transition. Cape Town: Juta Press.


Stout, B. (2010) Equality and Diversity in Policing, London: Learning Matters.

Stout, B., Yates, J. and Williams, B. (2008) (eds.) Applied Criminology. London: Sage Publications.

Research Reports

Kemshall, H. and Wood, J. with Westwood, S., Stout, B., Wilkinson, B., Kelly, G. and Mackenzie, G. (2010) Evaluation of the Child Sex Offender Review Public Disclosure Pilots, London: Home Office.

Stout, B. and Thompson, J. (2008) ‘A comparison of the Academic and Performance requirements of the NI Degree in Social Work and the Diploma in Probation Studies’, Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC), unpublished report.

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Memberships and Engagement

I am a member of the Advisory Panel for the Irish Probation Journal and a member of the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Community Justice.

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