Newsletter and Information Guides

Information for Research Candidates

The Research Candidate Handbook (PDF, 842 KB) (opens in a new window) (PDF, 1.64Mb) is a reference on matters that are important to your candidature and to provide a source of information on how to get things done, who in the University to contact and when, and to outline your terms of candidature.

The Research Higher Degree Examination Booklet (PDF, 630Kb) explains each step in the process of a research higher degree examination; what to expect, how to proceed and who is responsible for various tasks. The booklet also has advice about the physical presentation of the thesis and a summary of the steps in the process.

Footnotes Newsletter

Footnotes is a newsletter produced by the Office of Research Services for research candidates. Footnotes keeps higher degree research candidates in touch with stories, information and events and activities and each other's achievements.