Communication, Design and Media Postgraduate Courses

It's an exciting time to be working in the Communication Arts industry. Once dominated by the limits of transmission, media is becoming a freer exchange between producer and consumer. But before you can communicate, you need to have something to say. And the Creative and Communication Arts programs at UWS offer a wealth of meaningful perspectives on communicating ideas.

As you explore the convergence of culture, communication and technology, you will find traditional art forms and craft techniques are speaking with new technologies to create entirely new forms of communication. You will have the opportunity to combine theoretical and practical studies across a wide range of related disciplines. And you will engage with the communities around you, so that the result of your work gives something back to those communities.

Communication, Design and Media Course List:

The table below lists the courses, location and duration of the Communication, Design and Media Area of Study.

Master of Convergent Media Parramatta CBD 1F / 2P
Graduate Certificate in Convergent Media Parramatta CBD 0.5F / 1P

Key: F = Full Time; P = Part Time