Advocacy @ UWS

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is making sure students are aware and informed about their rights and responsibilities as members of the UWS community and have access to the right support and advice. Advocacy services available to you as a UWS student can be either individual or broader level advocacy.

A key role of advocacy is to ensure that students are treated fairly by the University. If you believe that you have been unfairly treated during the implementation of any University policy or procedure you should contact a Student Welfare officer or the Student Rights Advocate (see below).

You might need advocacy for issues related to allegations of misconduct, review of grades, special consideration, bullying and harassment or progression checks.

Why is advocacy important?

Often when you are faced with a problem or issue, such as an allegation of misconduct, you can feel overwhelmed and the process you need to follow seems complicated. Advocacy means that you’re provided with clear information, advice and support. It also means that you don’t have to deal with problems or respond to issues on your own.

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