Unit Sets

What is a Unit Set?

‘Unit Set’ is a term used to describe a group of units which make up an approved Key Program, Major, Sub-major or Specialisation in a course. Once you enrol in a Unit Set, you also have to enrol in your individual units separately using the 'Unit Selection' step in MySR.

Key Program: 160 credit points or more, establishing a defining area of concentration within an undergraduate degree course. Only one Key Program can be undertaken in a course.

Major: 80 credit points (normally 8 units)

Sub-major: 40 credit points (normally 4 units)

Specialisation: 20 or more credit points in a postgraduate course

To find out what Unit Sets form part of your course structure, look up your course in the UWS Handbook Course and Unit Search.

How do I select a Unit Set?

You can select an approved Unit Set (Key Program, Major or Sub-major) in MySR if the Unit Set forms part of your course structure. Look up your course in the UWS Handbook (Course and Unit Search) to find out about the structure of your course.

If you wish to undertake a Sub-major from outside your course area using elective units, you will need to complete and submit a Course Variation Application form. This form is available on the Student Forms page under 'Changing your Enrolment'. Make sure you meet any unit pre-requisite requirements for the units you wish to study.

Examples of Unit Sets

Example one

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Science must select and enrol in one of the following Key Programs; Health Promotion, Health Services Management or Therapeutic Recreation. For this course (and some others) you must chose your Key Program before you can select your individual units. You may also select a Sub-major in addition to your Key Program, but this must be in a different discipline area to your Key Program.

Example two

All students attempting the Bachelor of Engineering course must complete:

  • Core units
  • A Key Program
  • One or more Sub-majors and
  • Either the Coursework or Honours pathway

Core units

Key Program Unit Sets

Sub-majors must be from a different discipline from the Key Program

Coursework or Honours pathway

All students must complete core units for the degree


Civil Engineering

All students complete a fourth year of study in their Key Program area, either at Coursework or Honours Level









Computer Engineering




Ecological Engineering

Robotics and Mechatronics

Electrical Engineering


Robotics and Mechatronics


Soil Engineering


Structural Engineering

In the above example, an Engineering student could enrol in the following Unit Sets:

Key Program: Civil

Sub-major: Ecological Engineering

Need more help?

More information about the structure of each course is available in the UWS Handbook Course and Unit Search.

For more help choosing Unit Sets, please play the following online tutorial: How to choose Unit Sets (603Kb)