Transferring to a new course at UWS

Transfer news

Before you apply

Before you apply to transfer, you need to consider the following:

  • You will not automatically receive credit for the units you have completed. This means you will need to apply for Advanced Standing. Before you apply, it is strongly recommended that you see the Director of Academic Program of the course you are applying to transfer into, to see how much credit you will receive in your new degree.
  • Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is not transferred to your new course.
  • If you need to change your course for graduation purposes, this process does not apply to you. You must complete a Course Variation Application [PDF, 169Kb] (opens in a new window) before the advertised graduation deadline in order to have the necessary adjustments made to your record

Do you want to move from a double degree to a single degree? Find out how on the varying your course webpage.

Consider your options carefully as you should only apply to transfer into one course

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How can I transfer?

Who is eligible to apply?

You can apply if you are enrolled in a bachelor degree and you have completed at least one semester of study at UWS. There is no requirement to have passed units before applying to transfer.

You cannot apply to transfer if you are enrolled as:

  • an International student
  • a Postgraduate coursework student 
  • an Honours student
  • a UWSCollege student
  • an UniTrack student
  • a Non Award student
  • a Cross Institutional student

Your academic progression can also affect your eligibility to apply. See 'Other important information' below to find out more.

International students should see the SEIS International Liaison Officer at Student Central on your campus for advice about applying to transfer or visit the UWS International website.

How do I apply?

Log into My Student Records (MySR), click on the link 'Apply for a course'. You will then be taken to the UWS Applicant Portal where you need to click on the 'Apply for Course Transfer' button and follow the five simple steps.

How will my application be assessed?

Your application for transfer will be considered on the basis of your previous studies, as well as your current UWS results. This may include your results for the current session so we may need to wait until after your results are released before we can consider your application.

Each of your qualifications will be ranked and the highest rank will be used to decide the outcome of your application.

Applications will be assessed against the current session's non-current school leaver entry cut-off.

When will I know if I'm successful?

Once your qualifications have been assessed, you will receive email notification on the outcome of your application.

If your application is pending your results for the current session, your application will be placed 'on hold' until results are released. You will receive email notification when you are placed on hold and again once the outcome of your application has been determined.

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Which courses can I apply to? 

You can apply to most UWS undergraduate courses through the internal course transfer process. Not all courses are available for a mid year intake. A complete list of courses available for internal course transfer is now available.

Which courses are excluded from the internal transfer process?

The following courses are excluded from the internal transfer process:

  • 2501 Bachelor of Laws (graduate entry)
  • 4641 Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery
  • 4671 Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery/Bachelor of Arts
  • 4643 Bachelor of Nursing (graduate entry)
  • 4684 Bachelor of Midwifery

To apply for these courses you must go through UAC. Please check the UAC website for information about applying and closing dates for your application.

All undergraduate honours courses are also excluded from the internal transfer process. Information about applying for honours is available on the honours webpage.

Can I transfer into advanced courses?

If you are currently enrolled in a course and want to transfer to the advanced version of that course you should make your initial enquiries through your school office. You will then need to complete a Course Variation Application form and have it signed by your Director of Academic Program.

Please note that not all advanced courses are available for mid-year admission.

Schools have their own processes in place for the following courses:

  • 1655 Bachelor of Arts (Dean's Scholars)
  • 1692 Bachelor of Arts (Interpreting and Translation) (Dean's Scholars)
  • 2754 Bachelor of Business & Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)
  • 2747 Bachelor of Business & Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws
  • 1736 Bachelor of Communication (Dean's Scholars)
  • 3634 Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced)
  • 1737 Bachelor of Design - Visual Communication (Dean's Scholars)
  • 3690 Bachelor of Engineering Advanced (Honours)
  • 3684 Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology (Advanced)
  • 3688 Bachelor of Information Systems (Advanced)
  • 1739 Bachelor of International Studies (Dean's Scholars)
  • 3682 Bachelor of Medical Science (Advanced)
  • 1738 Bachelor of Music (Dean's Scholars)
  • 3683 Bachelor of Natural Science (Advanced)
  • 4693 Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced)
  • 1733 Bachelor of Social Science (Advanced)
  • 3562 Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science)

Additional criteria

For the Bachelor of Laws (Non-graduate entry) you must have passed 80 credit points at Bachelor level or have completed a Diploma or Advanced Diploma to be considered for this course.

Quota courses

The following courses have limited places. Applications to these courses will be assessed alongside those that are made through UAC. You will be advised if you have an offer after Wednesday, 21 January 2015.

  • 4669 Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine)
  • 4711 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
  • 4706 Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • 4708 Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine

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What do I need to do if I am successful?

If your application is successful an offer to your new course will be added to your record. When you receive your confirmation email, you will need to log into MySR to confirm your course and complete all of your enrolment steps, including enrolling in your units for the next session for your new course. You will also need to discontinue any units that you are enrolled in for future sessions under your old course.

What do I do if I change my mind?

If you no longer wish to transfer into a new course, do not confirm your new course in MySR. You will remain enrolled in your current course and your new course will be lapsed after census.

How do I get credit for my previous study?

To receive Advanced Standing for your previous study at UWS or another institution, you need to complete an online Advanced Standing application. Your application will be assessed by the Director of Academic Program for your new course.

The amount of Advanced Standing available to you may be limited by the structure of the course you are applying to transfer into. This is particularly important if you are applying to a course that is combined with a Law course or a course unrelated to your original course, for example if you transfer from Nursing to Business and Commerce. If you are transferring to a course you have previously been enrolled in, you will need to apply for Advanced Standing for any units that you completed after studying in that course.

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Other important transfer information

How will my academic progression affect my transfer? 

You may not be able to transfer if you are currently on conditional enrolment. In circumstances in which you are permitted to transfer, you may be placed on conditional enrolment in your new course.

If you have been suspended or excluded, you cannot apply to transfer to another course as you are not considered to be a current student.

If you are excluded from your current course after you receive an internal transfer offer, you will not be permitted to enrol in your new course until you have served the period of your exclusion. You will, however, be permitted to defer your new offer for the period of your exclusion and will not have to pay the deferment fee.

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