Safety and security

We’re responsible for your safety and security while on campus as a student, staff member or visitor. We’re also responsible for ensuring that every campus, building and facility is secure, safe, open and accessible.

Campus Safety and Security officers are approachable and committed to keeping the UWS community safe and secure.

On campus 

We offer a range of services to ensure safety and security on campus:

  • personal escorts
  • response to criminal incidents through support for victims and investigation
  • response to disturbances
  • wellbeing and security checks for students and staff
  • lost and stolen property reports (property is kept for three months, except valuables which are normally turned over to the Police after 24 hours)
  • investigation of suspicious activities, trespassers and unwanted guests
  • first aid response and help
  • campus patrols
  • building a safe community environment with informal interaction with students, staff and visitors during the course of patrols

Need to report an incident? Fill in the Incident report form [119Kb PDF] (opens in a new window)

In the community

In addition to our on campus services, our officers:

  • present safety and security information at community meetings
  • make presentations at Orientation (for new students)
  • make presentations at new employee orientation

Crime prevention and safety

Below is a list of links with helpful information about keeping yourself safe and helping to prevent crime:

Info for International students

Get some great tips on how to stay safe and what to look for: