UWS Alumni GradLife Membership Card


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The UWS Alumni GradLife Membership Card is available to all UWS Alumni GradLife Members. The GradLife Card is used for identification purposes when utilising the GradLife and Alumni Benefits.

Your Alumni Membership Number (formerly your Student ID Number) is printed on the GradLife Card as well as your title and full name. If you would like to request an amendement to your GradLife Card please email alumni@uws.edu.au to order a replacement. 

UWS GradLife Membership

UWS GradLife Membership is free and open to all graduates of The University of Western Sydney (UWS). To become a UWS GradLife Member you need to complete the online Alumni Keep In Touch Form and ensure that you tick "yes" in the field directly relating to UWS GradLife Membership.

Join GradLife Online Now.

You can also join GradLife by emailing alumni@uws.edu.au and request a new Membership.

After signing up for a GradLife Membership you will receive your UWS Alumni GradLife Membership Card in the mail, to the address you specified when completing your Alumni Keep In Touch Form, within 4 to 6 weeks of joining GradLife*.

*Please note that the GradLife Membership Card is only mailed out to Domestic Residents. International Alumni will not receive the GradLife Membership Card via mail. If you did not provide a mailing address in your application you will not receive a GradLife Membership Card.

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